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AltTechGroup is the ALTERNATIVE to all of the high-priced, high-margin Information Technology solution providers in the market today.  AltTechGroup understands that in this economy, most small businesses cannot afford or refuse to pay for the typical, high-priced IT support services offered by most managed support providers (MSPs) today.  The AltTechGroup is an MSP with 20+ years of experience in the technology systems integration and support industry.  The principal members of AltTechGroup are technology consultants whose primary focus is to deliver the highest quality of integration and support services as well as to guide your organization in making its most important systems decisions – at a fraction of the typical cost.


AltTechGroup has partnered with one of the industry’s leading providers of managed support applications, allowing us to combine a top-rated MSP network and systems management (NSM) application with our highest-level technical services to form a complete, scalable solution for providing highly cost-effective managed services to SMBs.

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